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At the 314 Fame Music office we continue our focus on the development of all levels of music production, marketing and synchronization. Each day new musical artist are entering the industry, some know exactly what they want to do and how to get there. If you happen to be one of those millions of artist trying to find their niche in the industry, give us a call.


Our client base comes from both music and book publishing. As we sign new individual clients to development deals both in music and for digital/audio books and magazines, each deal will require a standard menu of services. For the music based clients it may require the use of a managing agent or a booking agent, a person whose job it would be to provide live opportunities to promote the product and sales directly to wholesalers in the film and television industries. For the book, comic book and magazine side of the business, we will assign a publicist whose job it will be to finesse publications and editors to write positive reviews and other comments necessary to generate sales. In addition to the agent/publicist, we will obviously read, re-edit, record, produce, and in some cases, create from scratch products that will require studio and production time which would have to be paid for in advance, or definitely in advance of royalties being paid to the artist.


As musical clients we are able use one of our longest running agencies which has an in-hose publishing company. Our publishing house will concentrate on building top quality products in music, audio books, digital or e-books, music for TV and film soundtracks, commercials and multiple products for mass exploitation in web casting, gaming, sports media and mobile media platforms. We have a number of products already under contract that will be marketed to the educational institutions at the high school and college levels and entire libraries of music of the highest quality that can be marketed to the areas listed below.


Lyrics printed in a book

Songs printed in a magazine

Background music in stores

Foreign recordings: lyric translation

TV/radio ads: new recordings

TV themes: new recordings

Home video use

Movie soundtrack with artist A

Movie use with artist A recording

CD-rom or other new media uses

CD/tape cover version - punk artist A

CD/tape cover version - country artist

Radio / TV / web performance

Live rendition by concert act

Sheet music album folio

Toy music box

Sample in commercial or educational publication


We always work to help professional musicians and performance artist with the opportunity to develop their acts and take those acts o the road. We also assist record labels in the development of their artist. Many labels, both major and independents, sign artist without development teams in place. We are able to supplement those labels by providing professional audio engineers, editors and producers.  We have over 7 in-house recording and production companies who can record and provide the developmental feedback that is needed to take good artist and make them great, take a great singer and develop their stage show,  or supplement an artist with a live band, back up singers and dance team if needed for their set.


One of our engineers  had the opportunity to work on the tour of Beyonce', the story was that her show included 30 trailers. This is not uncommon for superstars, but it is this type of motivation that artist need to focus and to work on their growth.



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