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Welcome to our version of the Missouri film office for the Arts. We recognize that all forms of media start with the arts.


Our Mission: Our goal for the 314 Arts Office is to both identify the best artist in the St. Louis, Missouri market and to assist all artist in this region to become the best artist that they can, and to assist each in their endeavors to build their businesses around their arts.


Our focus is comprehensive in that we are happy to refer artist of any kind to other organizations in their region that can assist them as well. While some artist are in dire need of management, a structured program or an agent that can assist them in their careers. We are here to assist the artist and their staff to find the best ways to monetize their crafts and skills.  This may consist of gallery placements, tour bookings, negotiating deals with the television stations or other broadcasting entities. Over all, we are here to assist in your stardom and fame.


For installation artist who are willing to put their best work on public display, we want to help make those connections the can get you the notoriety required to secure those high end corporate installations. If you are a graphic artist, maybe your dream is doing the cover art for a top ten Billboard artist or designing an iconic logo for a fortune 500 company.  We want you to know that there is a process, a system and a path that you can attach yourself too, which will enable you to prepare yourself to reach for the success that you desire.


The Future: The future of artistic expression is changing daily. With the new platforms of in virtual reality, artificial intelligence and augmented reality, being able create new digital platforms that can expand on command and become totally interactive will shape the way that we view and enjoy many forms of art tomorrow and in the future.


Your call to action: Today you have a choice. You can continue to do what you have been doing, and if you are happy with that process feel free to share it with us. We want to be your cheer leader. But, if you would like to commercialize your craft and learn how to profit from your work, you might want to call us for a meeting. One of the operational staples of our organization, is accountability. We want to hold you accountable for your own success and we want to assist you in obtaining your fame.


Thank you.


Be a part of a real movement that makes real differences


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